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How to Deal with Flies in the Summer Season

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As summer rolls around, we see flies becoming a bigger nuisance than before. No matter how often you swat them away, they come back stronger and in more numbers! We understand how troublesome these pesky flies can be, but don’t fret.

We have got a couple of tips on how to prevent flies. Read on to find out how to fend off these bothersome pests.

Keep Your Space Clean

This is quite obvious but a very important tip nonetheless. Flies swarm towards areas containing the odour, whether it’s sweet or stinky. Flies will be attracted to anything from garbage cans to food lying around. So, to ensure no flies come running towards your home, keep garbage cans tightly shut and food items packed away. When your home is free of odours, it will be clean of flies too.

Set Up Traps

Buying fly traps is a quick and effective way to stop flies from invading your home. Fly traps are easy to set up and can be purchased from stores and online. Place the traps in hidden areas around the house and watch the flies disappear.

Keep Your House Dark

Flies, like other animals, are attracted to light and choose to fly towards well-lit areas. So to prevent a fly infestation, try to keep your home as dark as possible. If you already have flies in the house, try closing the lights and leave just one light on near a window. This will allow the fly to make its way out of your house.

Use Citronella Candles

This is currently a common technique for getting rid of flies. The only drawback is that It only works up to a certain point. One candle can only go so far; more candles can be used to potentially cover a larger area, but doing so incurs additional costs. This can quickly turn out to be a costly solution.

Keep the Fan On

Dealing with flies in the summer can be a hassle. Switching on the fan is a useful way to keep the flies away. If you have food on the table, point the fan directly over the food so flies don’t sit on the food. Flies cannot land when there is a crosswind, so the food will be safe.

Manage Moisture

Humidity increases flies. Flies love landing on humid surfaces and also love eating on them. Flies also reproduce more frequently in humid environments. To prevent flies, try controlling the humidity in your house. It’s great to keep a dehumidifier as that will considerably reduce the chances of flies.


The best and most foolproof way to rid your home of flies is to get a professional team to come in and solve your pest problems! Contact Arizona Termite Control today and forget the hassle of short-term solutions!